Spotted! Michelle Wong


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Michelle Wong is  a 20-year-old fresh off fashion designer from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Michelle has a flair for fine tailored garments, and the featured pieces commanded some cosmic attention during the Parco Fashion Incubator contest last November.


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About her collection: “My collection is called “Austere” for the lack of adornment and ornamentation concept in my designs. I stripped off the entire collection of unnecessary fashion details such as drapes, ruffles, gathers, etc. With a history of tailoring in my family, my focus was mainly on the fine tailoring of my clothes and the quality fabrication. I went experimental with displaying the seams of my designs on the outside. “

Michelle’s collection will be retailed at Parco Millenia starting April 2010. Until then,  feel free to drop her an email.

Photo Credits: Toon Liang (Photographer), Yuan Sng (Hair & Make-up), Vik Lim (Styling)

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