Spotted! Ruben Pang

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Ruben Pang is a third year Fine Arts student at Lasalle,  graduating in May 2010.

The pictured artworks are part of a series of five paintings titled Division. In this body of work, Ruben explores passive aggressive landscapes; something that is definitely cold and lifeless but somewhat resonating with decay, and decay indicates the presence of some form of life.

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Ruben about his series: “What these landscapes depict show is a false division drawn between the painting’s realm and reality. There’s a fair deal of escapism and suicide involved as well. Essentially, these walls are psychological and emotional supports, the voids in the canvas are places to hide in. And they’re all set in daylight, bright sunny days. I kind of found it funny, its really about how being an obvious decaying mass is really something that’s impermanent, there’s always going to be another nightmare to fill its place, whatever alleviation from its current state is going to end up revisiting some form of negativity, however bad a person’s suffering can get, it’s still something that’s not really such a big deal, its just another situation, like vomit baking in the sun, like, there’s always going to be something worse, something bad enough for you to wish you had your old nightmare back. That’s quite a great deal to put into sunlight and shadows, but that’s what it meant to me. So in the end, these paintings are kind of temporary shelters that I try to offer the viewer. They are a sort of refuge, part alleviation, part aggression.”



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