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Local accessories shaman, Rayson Tan of L’ile aux Ashby, sent along a couple of images from his ‘Ode To The Future Tribe’ collection. Rayson’s new line of large-scale, outré jewelry pieces, drew a lot of attention at last month’s PARCO Fashion Incubator show.

Fasten one of these hand-crafted masterpieces around your neck, and you’re ready for anything, be it clubbing downtown or a tribal warrior gathering.


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Rayson about his collection: “Anticipate the future, yet honor culture and tradition; This is what Ode to the Future Tribe collection is all about. Fusing timeless tribal patterns with a futuristic edge, expect a style of exotic modernity. A dash of architectural cuts is inherent in this collection, giving the look of sharpness and finesse. The merging of simple shapes and dual inspirations is an organized chaos – a blend of unique minimalism.”

Credits: Designer: Rayson Tan, Assistant Styling: Sherlynn Low, Photography: Bernard Wee (35mm Photography), Makeup & Hair: Eddie Norman, Model: Taisiya Popova.



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