Arlene Rieneke’s Gingerbread Girls



‘Gingerbread Girls’ is a homespun project put together by Arlene Rieneke. “It is my own way to celebrate Christmas and to give a humble gift to close friends and family. The initial idea was to craft a greeting card made of hand-drawn characters which can be perforated off the card -like paper dolls- and hung on Christmas trees, or stuck into cupcakes with the help of wooden toothpicks. Greeting cards are often the first thing to go into the trash can once the season ends, so I like the idea that a part of the card will remain and last for years to come, even if the card itself isn’t. Since then, I’d encountered issues challenging the idea’s practicality, especially the perforation part. In the end, I settled with a panoramic greeting card that comes with dotted lines -around the characters’ outline- instead of perforation holes. The recipients will have the option to cut the paper dolls out of the card if they wish to. Alternatively, they may keep the card in its original form.”



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