Spotted! Zhou Jixuan

jixuan doll tea-party

Born in 1984, Jixuan is the elder child of two. Her earliest contact with art was coloring her father’s jewelry designs. Drawing has always seemed natural to her. It was only much later that she came to the realization that being an artist is not a phantom profession. This motivated her even further in the direction of painting.

Dolls are Jixuan’s muses: “They allow me to enter their plane of residence to observe on an elevated platform their curiously empty joy and often-innocent motives. I view their lives detached and without judgment, acknowledging their natural instinct of survival in a nihilistic world.”

jixuan - the logic of dolls II

Jixuan strives to paint with maximum objectivity. Her paintings are certainly not conceived out of meandering fantasies, but are taken from what is truly real or possible. Absurd as it is, she possesses deep faith in absurdity. Jixuan is merely attempting to present a possible world beyond its already stale limits.

“Art is to me a malleable raw material which one can knead for their own individual purposes. It can be used to address issues from humanity to spirituality and absurdity. There are very few outlets that can rival art in the freedom it provides. My real passion lies in the freedom rather than art itself. My works are largely symbolic in trying to depict ideas, thoughts and doubts. I am not an advocate of linear perceptions and so I prefer to leave things slightly ambiguous.”



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