Obey Art Installation in Singapore


Singapore will get to see it’s first public display of the iconic imagery from world-famous street artist Shepard Fairey from Monday, 7th December onward at the *SCAPE Youth Park walls in the Somerset area of Orchard Road.

Following the theme of “peace”, the Obey South East Asia crew will be plastering the walls of the *SCAPE Youth Park with some of the latest artwork from Shepard Fairey. Unfortunately, the man himself could not be here in Singapore for the installation.

Obey Giant, the street art campaign that started by accident by Shepard when he was still a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, has hit the streets of the world; from the urban neighbourhoods of New York, the bustling business districts of Tokyo and even the beaches of Bali – through all means possible, both legal or illegal, intentional or unintentional, calculated or viral. His propaganda has also been proliferated though stickers, clothing, skateboards, posters, stencil based graffiti and even a documentary film, to spread over the United States and the unsuspecting world at large.

You can witness the live installation on Monday, Dec 7th from 8pm at the *SCAPE Youth Park at Somerset. Obey’s crew will be assisted by some of our own talented local artists. The display runs till the end of March 2010.



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