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skins ‘n’ bones designer, Nicole Wong is currently finishing her Degree in Fashion Design at the Raffles Design Institute. “Fashion to me is passion, and I don’t mind having sleepless nights and fashion thoughts running through my head all day long, because I can’t see myself doing anything else. I guess you can say that I’m a workaholic, and I won’t rest … ever.”


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Earlier this month, Nicole debuted her Bliss in Abyss capsule collection at Parco’s newly introduced Fashion Incubator Project. “I was watching the Lord of The Rings, when I saw the Dark Riders. I thought they looked really cool, and I was wondering what they would look like in real life. Though, my inspiration was based only loosely around those characters, the design philosophy behind my collection is edgy, dark and thought provoking. I like to explore the often unconventional and oblong styles, and apply them to my designs. I wanted to show a darker side to fashion. I stuck to a rather dark color palette, and a more destroyed, unconventional look, which is why I named it “Bliss in Abyss”. Bliss in Abyss” literally means finding a sort of comfort and satisfaction in a darker, more mysterious light. It was a play on silhouette, as you can see from the layers and the hard edges, as well as the structure, how it’s carefully given the destroyed, yet unique look.”



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