Spotted! Elaine Lee


Click image for a close-up of the knitted booties. Awww …

Elaine Lee is one talented designer. Under the name mein™, she has built a design studio that celebrates the beauty of all things hand-made. What started as a personal foray into old-school processes in 2007, has naturally progressed into a process-driven design studio.

So far, Elaine’s works have grown to include linocut, hand-carving rubber-stamps, silkscreen printing, even crochet and stitching.

I was especially taken by Elaine’s lovable nursery items and some of the designs are pictured above.


Elaine: “As a designer-maker, through understanding and utilising the tactile qualities of materials, my works include a myriad of materials such as paper, ceramics, vinyl and fabrics. In fact, the love for paper has prompted me to start a blog on paper. That same fascination led to paperworks that are not limited to folding, cutting or stitching.”

“A large part of my work involves working on old-school printing processes such as typewriting, rubberstamping, silkscreen printing, gocco printing and most recently my very own ADANA 8-5 letterpress – a refurbished beauty, lovingly hand carried back from UK.”

Make sure to check out Elaine’s drawings, they are quite wonderful too.



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