Unnatural Beauty: Unthink, Undo, Unveil


Opening on November 20 at The Arts House is ‘Unnatural Beauty’, a visual installation exhibition that presents art forms constructed from biodegradable cutlery made from cornstarch.

Through design, these neglected everyday objects are transformed into visually stunning art. A single structure is made of 11,000 pieces of forks and spoons – the estimated disposed waste generated in a high traffic food court and fast food restaurant during the lunch hour. In many developed countries where trash is disposed off in an efficient manner, consumers often do not see the amount of waste generated by their consumption habits. By creating form from number, the exhibition unveils the visual impact of waste generated.

In 2008, plastic waste in Singapore alone reaches 684,400 tonnes. This is equivalent to 2,473 Airbus A380 carriers, with disposable plastic cutlery, plastic bags and styrofoam boxes forming a significant bulk of the plastic waste. Disposable plastic cutlery and styrofoam boxes can take an estimated 900 years to break down in a landfill.

The exhibition encourages the audience to rethink their role in creating a sustainable future and to undo undesirable consumption habits. By engaging the audience and creating a stronger awareness of the dire state of global waste pollution, we hope to motivate each individual into making a commitment to create less waste. All materials used in the exhibition will be cleaned and reused to avoid wastage.

Unnatural Beauty is an independently curated exhibition by Trine Design Associates, In conjunction with the Singapore Design Festival 2009. The installation will be on display at The Arts House, Outdoor Foyer, through 4 December. Admission is free.



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