Spotted! Mandy Wu


skull ring

Throughout her academic life, Mandy Wu has been trained in Sciences. While pursuing a bachelor degree in Chemistry, she decided she needed a creative outlet. “Going into jewelry design was a natural choice, because I see jewelry as instrumental in telling  stories and evoking emotions,” Mandy explains. “Plus, I have always been intrigued by the amount of detail and personality a single piece of jewelry can add to an outfit.”

For her 09/10 collection, Mandy sought to capture the dark romantic essence of one’s transition from girlhood to womanhood. Mandy: “During this transition, the girl sheds her innocence. She discoveres deep emotions and embraces her sexuality. Hence, I wanted to create something sensual, yet elegant. I used quite a bit of symbolism when designing this collection. For instance, crystals and pearls were used to convey innocence and purity while skulls were made the centerpieces to imply an end. Pink roses were used to represent first love as well as the innocence that disappeares with its end.”



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