Spotted! Jeremy Lin

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Jeremy Lin is a fresh graduate from the Temasek Design School, with a diploma in Apparel Design & Merchandising, majoring in Visual Merchandising. The Artist’s Workhop, pictured above, is his final year project, for which he had to conceptualise an entire store. From the store design, merchandise displays, collaterals and packaging to all the props featured in the exhibition booth.

Jeremy about his project: “A key trait that remains fluid throughout the project is impermanence. It remains consistent through every aspect, from the store design to the merchandise displays. I am akin to creating displays where it doesn’t have to remain predetermined. Using simple materials to create something guerrilla in essence. It could be one thing today, and another tomorrow.”

Drawing great inspiration from the works of master architect Mies Van Der Rohe as well as the Bauhaus movement, The Artist’s Workshop was designed with rationality and functionality in mind, yet still providing innovation and relevance. Thus, going back to the roots and basis of design.

“I hope my work creates a connection with the consumer,” Jeremy continues. “Like with developing a relationship, there are always imperfections and disagreements. At the end of the day, it’s what my design means to someone else and not to me. After all, a designer makes someone else’s life better. I want to create a language with my work that speaks of my ideas and my personality; to provide an honest answer to the human condition. At the end of the day, I am constantly learning, it is always about work in progress; I am always changing, always evolving. Never forgetting my roots, but looking towards the future.”



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