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Discover Cheryl Chan, a freelance stylist and recent graduate from the Temasek Design school, with a diploma in Apparel Design & Merchandising. “I am a true maximalist by nature,” Cheryl remarks. “It lies in all facets of my life; from the way I dress, think and ultimately look, to the way I design. I always believe in creating a presence with my work, using design to form a statement.”

Cheryl takes simple, common materials, and transforms them into something complex. With humble materials, she creates beautiful pieces. All painstakingly hand made, as a tribute to the artisan craft.

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About her unfinished label: “Pursuing perfection is perverse in its own right. It creates distance and viewed as something that cannot be attained. But flaws are what relate people together and Unfinished is an accessory label that celebrates the importance of imperfection. Inspired from the concept of restrainment, this collection features pieces that provide an artful balance of complementing an aesthetic, yet embodying a personality of its own. I believe that design is all about adding value to an existing product. And the core value of my collection is just that. “

Cheryl’s pieces are available  from Blackmarket.



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