Full Moon & Foxes by Genevieve Chua


Now on view at the National Museum of Singapore is Full Moon & Foxes. This new work by Genevieve Chua researches the fear of the unknown. The process involves the appropriation of horror genres towards new narratives. Full Moon & Foxes is the chapter following Raised as a Pack of Wolves, which premiered earlier this year at the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival.


Genevieve about her work: “Full Moon & Foxes is a narrative of late adolescence and an end of innocence. The work takes place in two parts, one as a website and another as a video installation, now showing at the museum. Death has taken place in the forest. A fox, awakened from her stupor, discovers that she is separated from the rest of the group. It is said that when you encounter another one of you, understanding yourself suddenly becomes clear. The fox wants to meet her counterpart, her peer, another one like herself. Someone of the same age.”

Full Moon & Foxes runs through 3 January (10am-6pm daily) at The Atelier on Level 3.



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