Spotted! Chen Ziwei


‘And mum said she saw horses in a distance’. Click for full view.

Chen Ziwei is a budding collage artist, geography undergraduate and avid volunteer in the arts. Ziwei has studied Art and Design as an academic subject since her secondary school days till junior college. She now studies Geography at the National University of Singapore. The first showcase of her works began at the Fort Canning Art Market in 2007. She continues to participate in art platforms like Noise Singapore and exhibits her works at annual art events such as the Singapore Art Street. The style of Ziwei’s works is distinct because of her harmonization of collage and painting. She aims to incorporate certain geographical concepts into her works and her long-term goal is to become a professional artist.

Ziwei about her work: “PSA and our shipping industry are known to be one of the primary drivers of the economy. The horses depicted in the painting are metaphors of hard work. However, we hardly notice them in our everyday observations. The mundane landscape alike the cranes in a distance may appear plain boring. Yet to me, there are complexities behind the everyday scenes that are worth one’s scrutiny. I believe it is in the mundane where the realm of untapped imagination dwells.”



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