Spotted! Yeo Wee Han


Yeo Wee Han has a passion for nature and travel photography, and places that have been untouched by globalization are his choice locations. “I am also the President of Nature Photographic Society (Singapore), where like-minded nature photographers come together to aid conversation and the awareness of nature through photography,” he adds.

“Timelapse photography was something I had always had some interest in and I was constantly shooting them using video cameras but I wanted to push the limits more and after some research and some experimenting, I found that still cameras were the ticket. I used Canon DSLRs for timelapse photography as the images are much lower in noise and way better in quality than compact cameras. The tough thing doing timelapse photography was the equipment involved as I normally work with at least three setups (a camera, a lens and a solid tripod) and they do get hefty after some walking. Final Cut Studio was used for the editing and the huge videos files pushed the system to its limit and rendering took up lots of time. Minimal cropping was done to the shots and each shot in the video is as true to the scene as possible.”



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