Spotted! Tan Weihao Rios



Designer Tan Weihao Rios, has come up with this cute alarm clock for you all to wake up with or -alternatively- catch some exta Zzzz with. “dOoP. is an alarm clock for the future,” says -hao- a fourth year student in Art, Design and Media at the Nanyang Technological University, majoring in Product design.

“In a world of fast-paced societies, the quantity and quality of sleep is often forgotten,” he continues. “Instead of just focusing on what time you wake up, dOoP. will help you figure out how many hours of sleep you’ve been getting, how many hours you lack, and how many more you need. The red and green dials on its face serve as a reminder on what time you should sleep as well as a time indication on the number of hours of sleep needed. It also has a countdown timer and a night light function. One of the more interesting things about dOoP. is that it’s a multi-sensory alarm clock which not only uses sound, but also light, to wake you up.”



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