Spotted! Muhammad Khairullah (Khai)


Muhammad Khairullah recently graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts (Painting) from Lasalle College of the Arts and is currently serving his National Service. Interested in the idea of the “second best”, Khai uses mainly animals to convey this idea. In his most recent series of paintings, he compared the idea of the elephant and the rhinoceros to the popular Batman and Robin duo in the context of the animal kingdom. In his opinion, the rhinoceros is usually seen upon as more passive compared to the elephant.

Undeniably, animals have been a regular pick in his choice of subject matter. “Growing up, I have always been awed by images of animals, be it wild or domesticated,” Khai explains. “Varying from geographical documentaries to cartoon series, animals are one of the most prominent subjects that interest me till today. I would question my father every time, to compare which of two animals were stronger. Gradually, my fondness for the “second best” became more apparent.”

The pictured work will be on view at the RED LIGHT exhibition. This group exhibition at the The Post Museum, curated by Anuar Mohd, captures the multiplicity, spirit and local vernacular of the Segangoon/Rowell road. It also aims to address the issue of urban renewal of he Rowell Road and its effect on the populace and businesses of the area. The exhibitions opens on 10 October and continues through 18 October.



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