Food & Obsession: A Lingering Aftertaste

Designer by day, illustrator by night, Nataliette, cooked up a 3-room art fest at HOUSE on 11 September 2009, to about 200 culturally staved people. Including us from Culturepush. Her first exhibition ever,  served a manifesto of whimsical and provocative food for thought, unforgiving perhaps, to the Conservative’s tastebuds.

The young artist, Nataliette, also known as the angry hedonist is in her own words, “your typical run-of-the-mill Singaporean”.  Nataliette once dreamed of becoming a doctor but halfway through her course, took a great leap of faith and enrolled into a local art school. Her abandoned plans for medical school is telling in her stunning piece called The Futile Womb.

Delicious, no doubt, but from the feedback gathered around the dinner table that night, the prices for the art works seemed hard to swallow. Interestingly, many have said so of Salvador Dali when he started out.

View slideshow here. Better yet, have a taste for yourself at HOUSE today.

Food & Obsession is brought to you by Singapore Contemporary Young Artists and HOUSE. Exhibition runs from 11 September to 10 October 2009.



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