Spotted! Royston Lim and Liang Yanjie


Pogee is a silver award winning design by Royston Lim and Liang Yanjie, two final year students from the Industrial Design course at NUS. The design made up their contribution to this year’s “FL!P a Chair” competition which saw a total 69 Erpo Dining Chairs, being remodeled into a new piece of furniture.

Royston about the design: “As the theme of the competition was to transform an existing chair, we felt that we should try to use all the materials given to us. Pogee has managed to utilize all the materials with only the addition of the aluminum handle. When we first looked at the Erpo chair, we realized there was great potential in the curved back frame of the chair. We decided to use the curved frame as the base of a rocker. Due to the size of it, the rocker is only suitable for kids. Since it is a design for kids, we decided to incorporate a fun factor and used the semantics of an animal for the design.”


“We wanted to create an interactive piece of furniture for kids,” Yanjie continues, “which eventually lead to the use of the seat as the head of the animal and also as a drawing board for the child to express himself. With the head and the base in place, the rest of the design just followed through. Pogee is like a best friend to a child, a companion on his adventures to as far as his imagination will take him. Pogee, which allows self-expression by drawing on the drawing board. Even if the child is not on the rocker, the board can still be used as a canvas for the budding artist. The self-expression does not end there, as the tail at the end of the rocker is also adjustable, allowing the child to assign moods to his companion and bringing him to life.”



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