A6 /future/, a Singapore-UK Illustrators collab


Yesterday, we received a predictably exciting update from London based Brian Tan. Opening its doors on 21 September at the Idea Generation Gallery is A6 /future/, a collaborative working practice between 22 illustrators from both Singapore and the UK, and a show well worth checking out if you’re in London at any point between 21 and 27 September.

Apropos, Brian is part of the Creative [SIN]ergy team. I wanted to summarize what the organization is all about, but I decided to borrow a sentence from their about page instead– ‘showcasing Singapore creatives outside the dot’.

We caught up with Brian to find out more about the upcoming exhibition.

What is A6?
A6 exists to promote and celebrate contemporary illustration culture, crossbreed emerging/ established talents from the east and the west and inspire nippy collaboration among talents. A6 is the standard size of a postcard, and will be the official canvas where talents fuse ideas into superb illustration works. With an ambition of having prospective ongoing events, A6 hopes to always serve as a platform where illustrators of both countries could collaborate and work towards a common goal.

Future, as in ….
When it comes to future, it is no longer about the latest invention, but the latest way to counter the problem our previous inventions have brought about. Predictions about the future that deal with space travels and mega skyscrapers are all very interesting, but the predictions that really hit home and that we can judge most accurately are those that deal with how we could improve our everyday lives; how we eat, where we live, how we work, and how we play.   Will our living rooms be multi-media lairs?  Will our house be built out of plastic?  Will we still cook our own food?  How can we ask our pet to get a pint of milk from the convenience store?  What will we do for fun?

A6 + future/ = ?
‘A6 /future/’ invites the illustrators to think of a question they would ask the future? Express it by illustrating them on half an A6 template, after which post them to another illustrator who will then think of a possible answer to that question. Like wise, the same illustrator will have to think of an answer for a question in which another illustrator has posted to him/her. Illustrators are encouraged to be imaginative in these processes.

A6 + future + illustrations = Exhibition?
Yes. The completed artworks will be showcased at the Idea Generation Gallery during this year’s London Design Festival between 21 and 27 September. The 22 postcards will also be auctioned to raise funds for Envision, a UK registered charity.

Visit the Creative [SIN]ergy website for more information and a list of participating artists.



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