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Today we are showing you the winning design from this year’s installment of FL!P‘s  annual design competition. To learn a little more we chatted to designers, Alex Lee and Lina Fong, two final year students Interior Architecture and Design at the Temasek Design School.

About their design: ” For the “FL!P a chair” competition, students were challenged to transform a chair into another piece of furniture while retaining its primary seating function. ‘The Act of twisting’ is an organic bar stool, with the name derived from the fact that the bar stool appears as though it is being twisted. This particular bar stool was inspired by the DNA structure as to break away from the original rigid structure of the four legged dining chair, while using only 20% of additional material. The rhythmic elements that the original Erpo Dining Chair possessed were being weaved together with the elements found in the DNA structure.”

“The beauty of this chair lies in the fact that the form of the chair changes from every possible direction with integration of aspects such as triangularity, circular, rhythmic, continuity and curved elements, resulting in the feeling of it being twisted. Thus, it is able to provoke a different and new reaction each and every time people see a different perspective to it. In this bar stool, only wood material was used throughout to give emphasis on the form of the stool, instead of the materials. Since it is an all-wood bar stool and due to its organic structure, the product was intended to be used in restaurants, pubs and bars with exotic interiors like Mediterranean or tropical or maybe even beach bars. The organic form of the furniture, complete with rhythmic, triangularity and continuity aspects, gives an artistic expression of it being seen as a work of art while retaining its primary function of sitting in this lifestyle of pubs and bars.”



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