The Super Lard Bros OST: Free Download


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The Super Lard Bros OST is conceptualised as a soundtrack to an imaginary console game. The game is a rehash of games in the 80’s Nintendo side-scrolling classics such as Super Mario Brothers and Double Dragon. Being working middle-class adults, the duo known as The Lard Brothers do not have the resources to develop the game.

However, they did manage to come out with the soundtrack which is an album of remixes of Singapore music acts. Each remix is a re-imagination of the original tune, re-conceptualising rock songs and electronic lullabies into hip-hop tunes. Unlike its predecessor Forest Action Team which is a mixbag of originals and covers of Singapore indie bands, The Super Lard Bros OST is purely a remix project. However, what both albums have in common is a free download on National Day.

The album cover by local game designer Tan Teck Lee, is a throwback to 80’s Nintendo 8-bit games like Super Mario Bros and Double Dragon.

Track listing:
1. My Grandmother Can Remix Better Than You, Fatboy!
2. Lunarin – Ariel (File Under Easy Listening remix)
3. The Great Spy Experiment – Flow (G.E.E.K remix)
4. You And Whose Army? – Misplaced (The ‘Place’ remix)
5. I \ D – Hot Boy (Meets Hot Girl remix)
6. Breakbeat Theory – Serial Killers (Love You remix)
7. DJ KoFlow – Bank St. (I Miss Her remix)
8. amberhaze – Crush (Heartbroken remix)
9. Camra – White Hearts Lane (New Shop Mode remix)



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