Spotted! Hilmi Johann


02:03:11 – Oil on canvas.

An engineering student turned artist, Hilmi Johann graduated with a diploma in Fine Arts (Painting) from Lasalle College of the Arts earlier this year.

Hilmi is constantly interested in the concept of embodiment. Presently, at this stage of his nascent artist career, immersed in the ideas of achieving aspects of intensity and tension, Hilmi confronts its boundaries in his works. “Having found films the most exciting to work with for now, I am fascinated in dealing with the depiction of movement through space and time on a static flat canvas surface.”

About his work: “Using borrowed still images from Western media -specifically commercial Euro-American films- I aim to translate moving pictures into works that display aspects of tension, freezing what an observer sees in a film on-screen in a fleeting split-second, and hopes to recapture the intense emotional experience which results from that particular moment. Through layers of paint, an intense and chaotic outcome is balanced with the flatness of other areas, creating an illusion of perspective and depth, thus suggesting elements of time and space. This act of juxtaposing and superimposing film stills, involving oneself physically with the subject, diminish the value of the borrowed image and proclaim a different and doubtful narrative.”



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