Building Castles in the Air by Paulynn Tan


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Building Castles in the Air is Paulynn Tan’s winning entry for the HP Lightropolis campaign, which closed off with over 400 submissions. “Winning the competition was a huge surprise because I do not usually engage in interactive design,” Paulynn explains. “The whole competition started out as a game online and I was trying to create an image that is simple and not too complicated to animate on the special lighting screen.”

About her entry: “Building castle in the air is based on the fact that everyone loves to daydream and indulge in their own private and happy moments even though it may not be a reality. Truth is, reality and dreams is just divided by this fine line so what’s stopping everyone from trying? I just thought it would be great to have a place where people are welcome to daydream and feel inspired. Lightropolis was truly captivating because of the challenge in the game itself. Now that we are not children anymore, we tend to see things in a more complicated manner but Lightropolis created this simple yet creative platform that made me want to express how simple shapes, forms, colors and sizes can create beautiful and interesting compositions.”

You can check out the four winning creations at the City of Dreams event on 7 August, at ION Orchard B4.



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