Aerogrammes: Giveaway!


When was the last time you received a real letter? A real letter that someone has taken the time to sit down and write specially for you? Not lately?  international girl hopes to change that through their aerogrammes. Designed by artist Douglas Paul Smith they come in five diverse and colorful ranges, and include text in different languages  – from Mandarin to Kanji, Arabic to Cyrillic.

aerogrammes also support what is called the slow arts. Instead of rushing, quick-fixes, and instant everything, international girl believes happiness and kindness come through slowing down and taking time. The pleasure of letter-writing is part of this.  international girl donates a portion of the profits they make to artists embracing the slow arts way of life.

GIVEAWAY! Jaki at international girl is giving away a pack of aerogrammes to one lucky reader.  The third person to email me will be the winner. Contest ends July 25.

You can buy aerogrammes online or from following outlets Cat Socrates , Museum Shops, Egg3 and soon at the Esplanade Shop.

* Contest is open to Singapore residents only!



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