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26-year-old Benjamin Mark recently graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Degree in Industrial Design. He designs for passion, and enjoys taking photographs that tell a story.

“I seek inspiration from subconscious human interaction, and try to produce a unique experience for the consumer,” he adds. “I had the opportunity to travel to Germany on exchange, I worked with Dirk Ruzicka to understand the brand LAMY, a pen company. My challenge was to design a coffee machine that would look like it belonged to their existing product line. Using inspiration from the interaction of Lamy’s pens and core values, we designed a coffee machine that created an interaction-relation between the user and the environment. Simple unobtrusive and beautiful design gave it a subtle and sensitive physical feeling. It is a design that not only incorporates the DNA of Lamy, but with its clean aesthetics, will have wide appeal appreciated by many users. It is operated by Induction heating and a pre-packedcoffee pad for easy boiling.”



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