Spotted! Yeevon Ng


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Another Industrial Design graduate coming out of NUS is Yeevon Ng. Originally from JB, Yeevon has received her education in Singapore. “I was always interested in art and anything creative, constantly snipping up my clothes (though my mum calls it ‘destroying’) and hand-making gifts since I was a kid. From the way I see it, there is always improvement for any object, any product, any experience.”

Pictured is AFGT, Yeevon’s graduation project. “AFGT stands for A Feel Good Thing,” Yeevon clarifies. “It is a gaming device that uses tactility to enhance the video gaming experience.  Made up mostly of touch-sensitive silicon, AFGT subtly mimics the terrain in the virtual gameworld, allowing the user to feel through the environment under the palms when playing. It works with individual silicon air pockets laid out underneath, each connected to an air pressure actuator that changes the air pressure in each packet.”



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