Spotted! Messymsxi


Recent Graphic Design graduate Messymsxi from the Central Saint Martins School of Arts and Design, creates work based around social and environmental themes. Murals of Disappeared Landscapes (above), is a picture of a dystopian future, where nature has finally been conquered by trash with heaps of yesterday’s prized possessions filling to our doorsteps. “Here is the result of our throw-away addiction,” she adds, “where we can only look at the nature we failed to appreciate on walls as another facade, another form of packaging, and simply as another form of replacement.”

Messymsxi believes in using her abilities to convey ideas and share her thoughts with others in an upfront and honest manner. “I have huge ideas and I hope I will make a positive difference. With a strange amount of free time in my pockets now, I am looking for new adventures in illustration, and opportunities to work on new concepts!”

Have a flick through the girl’s portfolio, it’s well worth checking out!



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