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“Most of my portraiture are of characters immersed in their own thoughts and space. Through them I wish to engage people’s innate sense of wonder, of uncertainties, alienation and anxieties. I like situating them in a fantastical, imagined or dreamlike realm, but with emotions and sentiments that are of this reality.”

Today’s artist, Recklessxiam, was raised in the Philippines and got involved in the arts at age thirteen, after receiving an arts scholarship. “I only knew how to draw stick people back then and wondered why they accepted me'” she adds. But after a rigorous formal training, she found her niche in oil painting. Throughout her meanderings, she stopped painting on canvas for 10 years and became highly influenced by pop and subcultural iconography—ranging from tattoos, music, fashion, film, etc. “I started to design tattoos, punk/rock posters, dabbled with spray paint, collage work, make-up, and a bunch of other things that most parents frowned upon back then. It was only till recently that I decided to hold a brush over canvas again.”

Recklessxiam keeps a deviantpage with additional artwork.



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