Spotted! Samson Tan


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24-year-old Samson Tan moved to Bangkok with his family when he was eleven years old. That is where he discovered his passion for art and hip hop.”I am more of an artist than a designer really, so when I’m not sketching or painting, I’m writing raps and making music.”

Samson will be graduating off the Industrial Design course at NUS this July. OST GRAFFITI -his final year project- is the link between graffiti art and music. Samson explains: “The spray-can attachment, which houses mini stereo speakers, an accelerometer etc, allows artists to simultaneously produce music while they spray paint. The accelerometer translates physical motion of painting or shaking the spray-can for instance, into PureData, which then plays a sound effect, or affects how music is played. For instance, a simple shaking of the spray-can would “scratch” the music like how a DJ would be using turntables. Artists may program personalized sounds to specific gestures and in effect, create a soundtrack that is truly unique to their tag.”



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