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Jonathan Han just graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York, where he majored in Graphic Design. He sees himself as just a simple Singaporean boy trying to go places where no one has ventured before. In doing so, he sleeps very little.

His Mega Graphic (above) is a data visualization reflection of his life thus far. Jonathan explains: “The left and right panels work together to show the information derived from the abstract and exact (left and right corresponding) reality of my life. The intensity of my thoughts, the activities that I spent the most time on, and my life journey from start to finish is being divulged through a timeline, the fluctuations of moods and more.”


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Information New York is a data visualization of the number of vehicular accidents that happened in New York City. The insight for this piece is drawn from the analysis that all vehicle accidents seemingly add up to one, long complex symphonic composition. Jonathan about his project: “The countless lines lead up to the final movement of the huge compressed metal body of a car wreck. The visual of the smashed up car is used to great effect because there is an eerie beauty about the compressed metal of the car body after an accident.”



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