Spotted! Michy Witchy


Today’s artist is 22-year-old Michelle Lim a.k.a. Michy Witchy, who graduated with a diploma in Fine Arts (Printmaking) and is currently doing her Ba(hons) at Lasalle College of the Arts.

Her work ‘Staring at Death’ really strikes a chord, as it commemorates her grandfather’s death. “The work also seeks to connect with the viewer by reminding them of their being, and confront them to reflect on the people around them, and to love and appreciate them before it is too late,” Michy adds. “What I was concerned with at the time of creating this piece coincides with the recent loss of my grandpa, who left my side just a week before. Due to his passing, my work placed an emphasis on memory and loss, with my grandpa as the driving force for this work.

What affected me the most when I started the project was the constant image of my grandpa lying on his deathbed. I was standing beside him, watched him for five hours before he slowly went before my eyes. The feelings of regret and helplessness filled my spirit- because I watched someone I love take his last breath, and there was nothing I could do to save him or relieve him of his suffering. For this reason, Staring at Death and the book that complements it –Kites for My Grandpa–  focuses on that mental image that conjures -now and then- the moment before they removed the oxygen mask, which signifies his slow and painful departure.”



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