Being Lost, Being Found by Lim Shengen


‘Being Lost, Being Found’, is the debut solo exhibition of artist Lim Shengen. Showcasing the hybrid nature of his practice, the exhibition consists of an oeuvre of work researched and produced over the span of the last three years. It presents visions of contemporary and accelerated urban living.

Based on observations of being lost, Void: Physical, Metaphysical is the main highlight of this exhibition. The installation of multiple light projections offers a static reality that is simulated. The series of photographic images displayed are a collection of landscapes that the artist has wandered to in his travels, claiming real space through unrealized space.

Shengen about his exhibition: “Although it is not generally acknowledged yet, when we talk about photography -especially in terms of contemporary photography- it all boils down to two types/styles/understanding of what contemporary photography is. There is ‘The Art of Photography’, and there is ‘The Photographic Art’. ‘The Art of Photography’ focuses on the traditional aspects of what photography is about, the technical approach of producing a photographic image, like for example, Ansel Adams’ landscapes. ‘The Photographic Art’ focuses on the conceptual element of what photography can achieve, although sometimes it is not finalized as a perfect photographic image -intentionally or unintentionally-, the works usually transcend the physical and into the meta-physical. Examples of artists that have dealt with the photographic art are, Yves Klein, Andy Warhol and Alain Fleischer.


Shengen’s showcase sums up his research into this notion of being lost with the use of photographic-y installations, riding on the practice of exploring ‘The Photographic Art’ as his debut solo exhibition. “I feel that even this idea between the two photography types/styles/understanding can leave any young practicing artist like myself with conflicts and confusion, while trying to find an identifying element within my own practice. Therefore I have given into the idea that I am lost -socially or politically- or as simple as just being lost and using my practice as being found. It may sound negative, but it has given me the idea for this show.”

The ‘Being Lost, being Found’ exhibition runs from 25 July through 8 August at SG Private Banking Gallery, Alliance Française de Singapour. Admission is free.



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