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Dorothy Tan graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in Visual Communication last year, and is now focusing her efforts towards getting her BA honours Graphic Design at the School of Creative Arts (University of the West of England).

About herself: “I’m someone who likes to quietly observe the world around me; it is where I find my inspiration, in people, places and culture, this helps me to take my designs into perspective and detailed consideration. Being easily excited by challenges, changes and playing with a variety of design styles, I look forward to different experiences that will shape my design process and ideas.”

Dorothy’s “I’m Not Scared” Sibling Support Kit,  is a step-by-step storybook created to facilitate acceptance and understanding in children towards their siblings who have been diagnosed with Autism. “This project is inspired and dedicated to my little brother, who was diagnosed with Autism when he was three,” Dorothy explains. “The book simplifies what Autism is. It helps a child understand why their siblings with Autism are behaving differently. It acknowledges their fears and struggles, helping them to interact and help their siblings. It shows them what they can do to express their emotions and where they can go and seek help.”



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