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Ki-kei-no socks started out as a simple trial and error pastime on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Ki-kei-no is Japanese for deformed, or defective, which is exactly what these sock toys are. Creatively designed and hand crafted without perfection in mind, yet expressive enough to allow each one of them to adopt its own character and story.

Designer Gladys Phan graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic’s Digital Media Design, specializing in animation. “However, I moved on to become a Graphic Designer to expose myself more in this field,” she adds. “Hectic schedules mean there is hardly any time to really think about what I love the most – to create. “I am freelancing now, which means I have more time to myself. That is when I discovered something I’m really passionate about: craftwork. I started to learn how to cut, sew and ruin socks, seeking help in books and through sewing tips from mum. I find satisfaction in every sock toy I create. They are one-of-a-kind plushies and that’s what spurs me on to keep developing new characters.”

Glaydys has a facebook fan page, which you can join here.



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