Spotted! Jason Siew


Malaysia-born Jason Siew is a freelance art director and designer residing in Singapore. “I grew up in a household where I was encouraged to draw,” Jason says. “I started drawing at a very young age and won my first award when I was nine. In the following years, I continued to learn and explore new ways of expressing myself artistically. I always think that the passion I have for drawing is the biggest gift from God.”

Jason studied art and design in Kuala Lumpur before moving to Singapore in 1998. “I began learning figure drawing at the end of 2003 under the tutelage of an outstanding local artists, Mr Namasivayam. I wanted to further my understanding of the human body in different styles and mediums. In 2005, I participated in a joined exhibition “Xposed 3”, which celebrated the human form in art. In 2006, I began freelancing as an art director in the advertising industry”

Jason about his work: “Strike-A-Pose” (above) is a watercolor of soul singer Erykah Badu. It’s a study work I did a few days ago, using blue and violet, after I saw Erykah’s photograph in an old magazine. I like to convert a photograph, an object, a scenery or a vision into a painting using different styles and mediums.”



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