ditchmyroutine: Installation Art


“We are dealing with some serious matters” is an exhibition presented by art collective dmr (ditchmyroutine).

Made up of three individuals from diverse backgrounds, Suhirman bin Sulaiman, Deb Tan and Ryf Zaini, use various mediums to challenge social, political and personal boundaries. Using a playful approach to deal with serious matters, while diverting from the subject,  dmr is interested in amusing the viewer, allowing them to see things in a fresh perspective.

Inspired by the 1965 toy game Barrel of Monkeys, “We are dealing with some serious matters” is a fun and colorful installation which features 100 hand painted wooden monkeys that hang suspended from the high trusses of LASALLE College of the Arts. Like the game, where the player who successfully creates the longest chain of monkeys wins the game, this barrel of monkeys -pun intended- interact, mingle and put aside their differences to support each other in this concrete jungle.

On view at LASALLE College of the Arts (Block E, Level 1) till 12 June.



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