Things We Forget Project


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We love guerilla artwork here at Culturepush, so we feel duty bound to tell you about JJ’s Post-It-Note project. Compulsive doodler, copywriter and optimist, JJ, decided to start his project, with the distinct purpose of affecting the people around him, leaving a trail of words and drawings in public places around Singapore.

“Things We Forget came about 108 days ago, on January 15, 2009,” JJ explains. “The agency I used to work with, did a lot of work with the makers of Post-it notes and I would always have stacks of them lying around. I was getting tired of the pessimism that was weighing everybody down. It started off as a tiny little initiative, but now it a labor of love for me. I write, draw, place and shoot. I do one Post-it a day, come rain or shine. And it is my intention to do so for as long as I can. The response I get from people who chance upon the Post-it notes, the comments on the blog itself, and on the facebook and twitter accounts that I maintain tell me that they have an impact, no matter how small, on peoples’ lives. And I really feel blessed to have an opportunity to do that.”



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