My Monstrous Heart


“My Monstrous Heart” is Julienne Tan‘s final year project for her bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the School of Art, Design and Media. The collection of five illustrated books is a response to Julienne’s experience, meeting and working with abused children. “A monstrous heart is big, but it is also the heart of a monster; monstrous love is high and noble but empty,” Julienne adds. “That is the kind of love I had for them at first, when child abuse was nothing but an abstract world issue. Through a series of books about getting to know each child as an individual, the monstrous heart shrinks to fit into the palm of a child’s hand. This kind of shrunken love is not at all lofty, but is practical, personal, and handheld.”

The books are handmade and can be seen starting 11 June at 2902 gallery, as part of the ADM satellite graduation show. 

  • Julienne’s project is one of the hardest fine arts project I’ve seen. The lines are perfectly combined with the light colors same as with the details making it a wonderful piece. Thanks Michelle for blogging this!


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