Spotted! Alan Leong

creamous by alan leong

creamous by alan leong

Maverick, artisan, enthusiast, dreamer, comedian, prankster, collector, friend, builder. Just ask anyone about Alan Leong of CREAMOUS, and these are some of the words you’ll hear to describe this upcoming toy designer. A Tiger Translate artist for two consecutive years, Alan lives and breathes creativity, regardless of shape and form.

CREAMOUS, a label he launched in last Christmas in 2008, reflects Alan’s 3 loves – fashion, art and design. The Littles, a trifecta of colorful eggheads with handsnitched bags, was sold out within a month. Not bad, for an inaugural collection.

Heavily influenced by famous Hong Kong toy designer Michael Lau, Alan began his painful but immensely fulfilling journey of teaching himself the art of toy making. His sheer determination in wanting to create his own toys lead to a wealth of self-taught knowledge in sculpturing, moulding and casting of his toys.

CREAMOUS‘ next release is scheduled for June 2009.



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