A Nice Set (Singapore): Slip-mat Competition


 Images courtesy of IdN. Above: Winnie Goh. Below: Roy.


First conceptualised by Jeremy Hollister of New York, creative studio Plus et Plus and Jeff Staple of Staple Designs and The Reed Space, the original A Nice Set invited an appropriately-portioned 33 and 1/3 artists to customize a pair of blank slip-mats; with the dimensions of the canvas their only constraints. The figure 33 and 1/3 represents the standard Revolutions Per Minute of a record turntable; while the 1/3 artist is represented by 10-year-old Maceo Villareal.

Just as DJs sample the work of many musicians into the new and larger entity of a mix, visual artists tap into their own cultural surroundings, sampling the influences they have accumulated, then integrating them into their work. Both the visual artist and the DJ can be seen as “selectors” who draw inspiration from their respective environments, as well as its trends and fads, with the finished product of a painting or a mix being their interpretation of the art around them.

A Nice Set Singapore is a series of exhibitions featuring 100 customized slip-mats by artists from all over the contemporary and urban art world, including Japan, Australia, UK and USA.  The event will kick off on 15 May at Mimolette with DJ Perplex playing the opening set. The second installment will be held on 22 May at Over Easy, and will feature DJ B.Two. The final exhibition will be at Hacienda on 29 May with DJ Mugen. Each exhibition will feature 33 different artists – 11 from the international exhibition, 11 from the Australian exhibition and 11 from Singapore.

Visit the website and check out the other entries from Singapore.



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