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Budi is a trained architect practicing graphic, multimedia design, and art. Through his design office PlasticSoldierFactory, Budi works with global corporations from US, UK, the Middle East and Asia on design projects ranging from interactive, print, signage systems and interiors. On a personal basis, he creates works for design/art exhibitions to record ideas about aesthetics, technology, culture and philosophy.

About his webdesign, Budi says: “There is a strong reason for this website to graphically transpose music. For a music celebrity’s website, I was invited to be fully author. It is a work that resists the ubiquitous pixels of the web and its expected use for accessing information. I wanted to work out an ambiguous web experience with hesitancy and reservations about its presupposed utility. Sections are devoid of headers, merely listing content as menus. Clearly positioned but unlabeled buttons hide photos, songs and news bits. Album covers are deconstructed into patterns. Repetition is silent and rhythmic, coincidences unexplained. This is an idea to fade off digital effects and pentium speed slickness in return for more specificity and irreproducibility of thought. The client’s discography stretches 3 decades, from 1974 to 2004 – an Asian pop music journal of modern history. Just as how the client accompanies each album with a production note, I react visually to the albums to pen my thoughts along this heterogeneous continuum.”



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