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BECOME -Be an ECO friend like ME-, was one of the projects during the recent KL Design Week, focusing on saving the environment, and urging the general public to “say no to plastic bags!”. This ECO bag exhibition showcased a collection of 1000+7 designs, carrying ’save the green’ illustrated messages.

22-year-old freelance graphic designer, Ivy Teo was one of the Grand final winners with her design titled “The Days Before Plastic Bags.”

Ivy about her design: “I was looking back at a time where plastic bags weren’t that popular. In today’s context, we receive a massive amount of plastic bags each time we visit the supermarket? Therefore my visual illustrates alternative ways as minimal as a string tied around a piece of meat or stalks of veggies. I question why this was possible back in the days, and why it can’t be done now? Why can’t we stick to the most basic ways of carrying things, and would you choose a piece of string over a plastic bag?”



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