Spotted! Weixin Chong


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21-year-old Weixin Chong is a second year major in Printmaking at Lasalle College of the Arts. “Though my previous formal studies were in literature and music, I have always been making and drawing things,” says Xin. “It’s exhilarating being able to actually study and work on things which have always been a vital a part of my life. I enjoy combining different media in my work and am often inspired by great work from the fields of design, literature and music as well as by the fascinating people I meet. I believe art is a divine blessing; it brings significance to the way we look at our existence. There are so many important things about life and living, that art makes visible.”

The eye is Xin’s second lino-cut, for relief printing. “But I was much happier with it printed in intaglio, pushing the ink into the incisions and wiping the surface off. I’ve always been drawn to eyes and the gazes that they imply. I must add that this image is a tribute to Fornasetti‘s teasing and enjoyable work.”



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