Spotted! Yilin Choo


Having spent most of her summers backpacking in Europe alone during her college years, designer Choo Yilin started creating jewelry as homage to her travels after graduation, as Europe had served as a major inspiration for her aesthetic. In 2007, she left her job in Singapore to move to Thailand with her husband. It was there where she conceived of an artisan jewelry label, where jewelry was made the old-fashioned way.

While maintaining her European aesthetic, she started working with exceptional craftsmen who were trained in the ancient arts of metal-smithing and lapidary cutting.”At the same time, I wanted to promote and support causes I personally believe in, which included the hill tribe people, and the running of efficiently and transparently run charities. This led to me working with the hill tribe artisans, combining their ancient skills with my personal influences for a modern feel.” Yilin adds.


Yilin about her label, Artisan Jewelry: “The label was formed on the belief that the artisanal way of life should be upheld and valued. That jewelry should be hand-forged and hand-crafted, and would take days and weeks to make, as opposed to minutes and hours. The label was also created as homage to the old luxury houses of Europe, where only organic gemstones and metals were used. It is based on the belief that imperfections in nature are beautiful, and that is highlighted by the deliberate usage of inherently flawed stones and the move away from symmetry in design. Separately, the label believes that design should be linked to a wider social consciousness.”



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