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Philippines-born Obhet Cristobal is a freelance multimedia designer and musician residing in Singapore. “I am a self taught designer and my experience in designing can be traced back to my junior and senior year in college where I took up a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. I have always been passionate about designing both for print and for web, and most recently motion graphics. I was able to work with clients in the US, Germany and some parts of Asia. Whenever I seem to run out of ideas, I start watching movies just to fire up my creativity. For me, the arts are a life-long process of learning. There is a great amount of knowledge that is yet untapped and is waiting to be revealed. Creativity is not something that you can put in a box and define; it is always available for those who dare to seek for it. Mankind is created by a creative Creator so there is no telling what we are capable of doing, an empty canvas would go as far as the open mind can think. I also do my own photography and I use my own music when needed on some of my projects. I am currently busy working on some commissioned projects. I enjoy working on the other side of the design world which is the noisy, grunge, jumpy and abstract side.”

  • Karen Romero

    woot!woot! bravo obhet!you make us proud!

  • Karen Romero

    woot!woot! bravo obhet!you make us proud!

  • halo there. this is realy nice. i like it,


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