Fever Dream: About Bedrooms and Secrets


What happens when you combine photography with all things sweet, lovely and delicate? Fever Dream, that’s what.

Founders of this fresh off independent zine, are 18-year-old shutterbugs Tiffany and Sarah. “We feel that Singapore does not yet have a magazine that focuses on the softer, scones-and-tea side of life,” Sarah explains.”We wanted to create something less mainstream and commercial, something that will inspire people to love and create their own art. We hope to create a somewhat “simpler” world, where instead of glossy images of luxury items, we feature quirky and vintage household deco and items as simple as handmade notebooks. We love all things eclectic! From random musings about life to interesting reads and beautiful writing, the zine features everything and anything that relates to the chosen theme for each issue.”

Says Tiffany: “We both choose film over digital anytime, because we appreciate the fact that one gives each frame deeper consideration when taking a photograph, as there is no previewing of the photograph one is about to capture. It makes it all the more magical when you see how the photograph turns out.”

Fever Dream’s first issue, themed ‘Bedrooms and Secrets’, boasts 58 pages of the sweet creativity you crave. Check it out, it’s well worth a peek.



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