Spotted! Keith Lee


Keith Lee aka Lodestar is a computer engineer by training and an interactive designer by trade, with a strong interest in the areas of usability and interactive design. Self-taught in the foundations of design theory, his philosophy is intuitive minimalist –influenced by Apple- with a focus on precision and accuracy. “My work spans across the realms of physical, print and interactive design,” he adds. “I am inspired by the likes of Steve Jobs –I am an Apple fanboy- Laurent Baumann and Andy Warhol. My clientele includes Omega, Braun Buffel and Elle eyewear.”

About the featured work, Keith says: “The concept for the piece is inspired by the ideology of arranged marriages. It attempts to let its viewers understand this complex ancient Chinese ritual and its consequences on the unwilling participants of such an arrangement. Elements of Chinese culture and practices are incorporated, using a red ribbon to symbolise the red string with which the Chinese God of marriage used to bind couples together, while the shoes seek to portray that of young girls being forcefully wed to rich, old towkays twice their age.”



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