Spotted! Fyerool Darma


Fyerool Darma received his Diploma in Fine Arts (Painting) from LASALLE in 2008, and is currently serving his National Service. “My intention was to become a storyteller,” Fyerool says, “but I failed my oral and my writing is atrocious. So I decided to scribble my redonkulous stories through painting and drawing on found objects. I also believe that through this, my stories speak better than my written texts because of the sensitivity of the lines and the bold strokes. This inconsistency is because of the mood I want to portray in the stories. The redonkulous stories are not only bits from my journal but are also influenced by cartoons, folklore, haunting tunes, popular culture and my trips to the moon. Yes, the moon. I usually do my paintings randomly without a pre-planned sketch just like how I deal with the drawings.”

Fyerool painted ‘Little Miss Gets A Little More Older’ in 2006. “The work was also part of Pandora’s Box group exhibition,” he adds. ” The Frog Prince influenced the painting. In popular culture, the princess would kiss the frog and its spell would be cast off and the frog would turn into a handsome prince. But in the Grimm Brothers’ version, the frog’s spell was broken when the princess threw it against a wall in disgust. The ‘disgust’ I portray through ‘Little Miss’; she looks directly out of the picture frame, ignoring the presence of the frog. The painting tells the two opposite sides of the desire Pandora had before opening the box.”



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