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Jonning Chng is an Industrial designer who recently embarked on his journey into the realms of Interaction design. This shift is fueled by his love for dreaming up future scenarios and designing conceptual objects. Constantly observing people and their environment, he also has a thing for designing physical interactions and objects that understand natural behaviours.

DREAMfreq! is Jonning’s thesis project while pursuing his Masters in Interaction Design at the Domus Academy in Milan. Jonning about his design: “DREAMfreq! is a concept ambient lighting system that takes interest in sensing human emotions through natural sleeping behaviors. It allows users to evaluate their sleeping patterns and supports in the collection of their voice recorded dream journals. Using light objects as a translation medium to sense and to trigger access into our emotions; the captured information (i.e. sleeping behaviors and audio) is translated into ambient illumination which the user is able to access and playback in the future. It is not an accurate measure of the users’ emotions, but an interactive layer that perceives user behaviors while they are asleep and unconscious, which could help to inform their conscious. Essentially DREAMfreq! creates awareness; it is up to self-interpretations to make sense of the emotions. Allowing this bridge between our conscious and sub-conscious will open a channel to a quality sleep and better lifestyle.”



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